Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants has vast experience & is specialized in dealing all matters related to real estate. We represent landlords as well as tenants regarding the tenancy disputes & represents owners, developers & the investors in real estate transactions to ensure that our client’s investments are secure in all means.

Our service in this field include:

  • 1- Reviewing & drafting sale & purchase agreements, jointly owned property declaration, Master Community Declaration, Deed of Adherence and all types of agreements for the real estate transactions.

  • 2- Reviewing & verifying tenancy contracts & drafting commercial lease Agreements. Settling the cases by negotiation between the landlords & the tenants if there is any possibility

  • 3- Sending legal notices

  • 4- Representing the landlords & the tenants before all competent authorities & courts.

  • 5- Representing the owners, developers & investors before all the competent courts arbitration & committees.

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